Dolphin Beach Bar is located on the Main Beach of Malia, overlooking the Cretan Sea and opposite of the small island in the sea with the little church Afendis Christos, what means Holy Christ.On the East side of Malia, you can find the Minoan Palace of Malia.According to mythology, the palace belonged to ‘Sarpedon', brother of King Minos, King of Crete.Malia is in the modern days a Holiday resort with plenty of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs and gift shops.If you are travelling by bus from Hersonissos get the bus stop by the school on the main street and follow the street(bar strip) down till you reach Mac Donalds,turn right after 10 mtr.turn to the left and go straight ahead till you reach Dolphin Watersport. There is where we wait for you. Of course, The Google Map can help you as well.

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